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Don't have a 3 on 3 Team? We've got you covered!

Pond Hockey allows you to play fun 3 on 3 games each week even if you don't have a formal team. Show up each week, warm up, split up into teams (teams will vary weekly) and play games. Referee, scorekeeper and jerseys included.

Each session will include a 3-minute warmup, 3 x 9 min periods, 1 min between periods and shoot-out. 

Pond Hockey is played on full ice.

U6-U9  6-12 skaters per team, U11-U13 6-9 skaters per team. 

Shooter Tutors will be used instead of goalies.

No games on May long weekend (May 18-19, 2024).

U6-9 Please note June 1 - program is at Maple Ridge Planet Ice

Pond Hockey runs the same day/time each week.

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