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The player profile program is for the more serious hockey players looking for opportunities beyond the minor hockey model. RPM will profile players who are looking to take a proactive approach to hockey and the many opportunities it can provide.

We all hear of players who fall thru the cracks and those who hope to get discovered and never do.The reality is you can be missed. Why wait for opportunity to knock at your door we say let’s kick that door open and market yourself to interested levels of hockey beyond the minor hockey model.

The wait and see lets hope to be discovered is outdated. Todays Hockey waits for no one its just as competative off ice as it is on ice with players climbing over each other for a opportunity. In this competative environment we believe opportunity comes to those who take action!

Hockey is a business and players need to get noticed, interviewed, tryout and compete in order to succeed. Our Player Profile Program is designed to help you get on the radar and those responsible for recruiting players to take notice.


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