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Hockey Tough is about imposing your will on your opponent. Outworking your competition, channeling your Best Effort on adaily basis. Realizing that if you put in the Effort... you will reap the Reward. Whether you are trying to protect the puck, clear your zone, vying for position, beating your opponent to a loose puck hockey is a game comprised of individual and group battles.
This Camp is Specifically designed with Player Safety in mind. Our battle camps focus on further developing a players compete level and refines their skills. Content includes small area skills, puck protection, controlled contact, 1 on 1 and 2 on 1. Players will be grouped according to size and ability.
On Ice is a combination of technical, tactical, flow and conditioning. Hockey Tough teaches you all the little things you need to know that no one ever teaches you. If your goal is to play at the next level this program is a must.
Parents have been asking for this program for sometime this is your opportunity to join us.
Wanting to get to the next level? This program will help you get there.
This program is taught by senior staff - Bayne Ryshak, Rory McDade and Tanner Cunningham 

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